Here's some basic information about Primo in English.




name: FI CH DK CH Bullbenz Kooi Primo Ushi, "Primo"

breed: kooikerhondje

gender: male

date of birth: 27th August 2009, no siblings

size: about 40 cm, weight about 11,5 kg

breeder: Anne & Jari Trygg, kennel Bullbenz (Rauma, Finland)

owner: Kaisa Suominen, Turku, Finland

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Eyes: OK 7/2015

Knees: 0/0 10/2010

Hips A/A 03/2011

Elbows 0/0 03/2011

DNA-tested ENM-free & vWD-free


 Baby-Primo at the age of 5 weeks in October 2009.



Primo is a very open and kind young male. He loves all people and gets along with most dogs. He is very energetic and is always ready to do something. Primo is great companion and working dog. He is easily motivated, because he loves food, squeezing toys and attention. He does have quite a strong hunting instinct when it comes to chasing birds, squirrels and rabbits, etc. Luckily he is keen to his family (and treats!) and therefore can be walked without a leash in a forest, for example.

Primo has been to an official mental description (MH) on spring 2014.



We have attended an obedience training course for puppies when Primo was about 6 months old. After that we have continued obedience training as more of an everyday obedience and since November 2010 also some more test aiming obedience. We are still beginners, but we are gradually learning.


We started practicing proper ring manners for dog shows on January 2010 when Primo was about 5 months old. We are still sometimes attending training lessons for ring manners just to keep everything in mind (and we are still learning to become better). Primo attended his first dog show at the age of 7 months on 17th April 2010 in a puppy class.


During autumn 2010 we tried blood tracking for the first time. Primo seemed to enjoy it, and we have done some tracking exercises since. We just need to continue training and maybe we will participate in a tracking test some day.

We took our first agility course for beginners when Primo was 8-10 months old. January 2011 we attended to another course for beginners and during spring-autumn 2011 we participated in a course for advanced beginners. On September 2011 we applied for a place in a weekly training group at Agility Team Turku (ATT) and have been training in a beginners' group since.



Primo 2 years and 2 months, 20.11.2011 .



Primo's results


Dog shows

17th April 2010, Laitila, judge Leila Kärkäs (FIN)

Puppy Class HP BOB-puppy


2nd May 2010, Koski tl, judge Marjo Jaakkola (FIN)

Puppy Class HP BOB-puppy


(Primo 8th of May 2010, photo: Jari Trygg)


15th May 2010, Rauma, judge Harto Stockmari (FIN)

Puppy Class HP BOB-puppy


16th May 2010,Seinäjoki Spaniel Special, judge Marjo Jaakkola (FIN)

Puppy Class HP BOB-puppy BIS-3 puppy


13th June 2010 Raisio, judge Maret Kärdi (EST)

Junior Class: EXC 1 BM 1 CAC BOS


4th July 2010, Pori INT, judge Horst Kliebenstein (GER)

Junior Class: EXC 2 BM 2 res-CAC


10th July 2010, Riihimäki Kooikerhondje Special, judge Winny van Bavel-van Bokhoven (NL)

Junior Class: EXC


 9th October 2010, Hyvinkää Spaniel Special, judge Tuus van Adrichem Boogaert-Kwint (NL)

Junior Class: EXC 2


11th December 2010, Helsinki Winner 2010, judge Jos de Cuyper (BE)

Junior Class: G


12th December, Winner 2010, judge Annukka Paloheimo (FIN)

Junior Class: G


23rd January 2011, Turku Top Dog Show 2011, judge Tapio Eerola (FIN)

Intermediate Class: VG


23rd April 2011, Harjavalta, judge Hannele Jokisilta (FIN)

Intermediate Class: EXC 1 CQ BM 2 res-CAC


15th May, Rauma, judge Hans Lehtinen (FIN)

Intermediate Class: G


5th June 2011, Aura, judge Anne Buvik (NOR)

Intermediate Class: EXC 1


12th June 2011, Aura, judge José Romáo (PT)

Intermediate Class: EXC 1 CQ BM 2 res-CAC


30th July 2011, Kurikka, judge Hannele Jokisilta (FIN)

Intermediate Class: EXC 1 CQ BM 1 CAC BOB


14th August 2011, Turku, judge Johan Juslin (FIN)

Intermediate Class: EXC 1 


3rd September 2011, Vantaa, judge Gert Christensen (DK)

Open Class: EXC 2 CQ BM 2 res-CAC


22nd October 2011, Hyvinkää Spaniel Special, judge Anna Stuifbergen-Hoetjes (NLD)

Open Class: EXC 2 CQ


29th October 2011, Seinäjoki INT, judge Markku Mähönen (FIN)

Open Class: VG


6th December 2011, Tampere, judge Kirsi Nieminen (FIN)

Open Class: VG


22nd January 2012, Turku INT, judge Horst Kliebenstein (GER)

Open Class: VG 2


5th May 2012, Rauma, judge Kirsti Louhi (FIN)

Open Class: EXC 1 CQ BM 1 CAC BOS --> FI CH


6th May 2012, Pöytyä, judge Tuula Savolainen (FIN)

Champion Class: EXC 1 CQ BM 2


17th May 2012 Helsinki, judge Arja Koskelo (FIN)

Champion Class: VG 1


20th May 2012, Salo, judge Marja Talvitie (FIN)

Champion Class: EXC 1 CQ BM 1  BOB

16th June 2012, Rusko, judge Zsuzanna Váczi-Balogh (HU)

Champion Class: EXC 1 CQ BM 1  BOB



21st October 2012, October Show Turku INT, judge Peter Bayersdorf (GER)

Champion Class: EXC 1 CQ BM 1 BOS CACIB

19th January 2013, Top Dog Show Turku INT, judge Czeglédi Attila (HU)

Champion Class: EXC 1 CQ BM 1 BOB CACIB


5th October 2013, Hyvinkää Spaniel Special, judge Simons Alfons (NLD)

Champion Class: EXC 4


19th April 2014, Laitila, judge Irina Poletaeva (FIN)

Champion Class: EXC 1 CQ BM 2


31st May 2014, Turku, judge Wout Arxhoek (NLD)

Champion Class: EXC 1 CQ BM 1 BOB



1st June 2014, Tammela Spaniel Special, judge Astrid Straaijer (NLD)

Champion Class: VG


8th August 2014, World Dog Show, Helsinki, judge Svend Erik Lövenkjaer (DK)

Champion Class: EXC 4


16th August 2014, Raisio national all breed show, judge Tiina Illukka (FIN)

Champion Class: EXC 1 CQ BM 2


6th December 2014, Helsinki Winner Show, judge Elena Ruskovaara (FIN)

Champion Class: EXC 1 CQ BM 3


7th December 2014, Finnish Winner 2015, judge Siv Sando (NOR)

Champion Class: VG


4th April 2015, Swedish Winner 2015, Stockholm, judge Petra Junehall (SWE)

Champion Class: EXC 2 CQ BM 4 RES-CAC


15th August 2015, Bornholm INT, Rønne (Bornholm Denmark), judge Barbara Müller (CH)

Champion Class: EXC 2 CQ BM 2 CAC RES-CACIB (CACIB) --> DK CH



16th August 2015, Bornholm INT, Rønne (Bornholm Denmark), judge Leni Finne (FI)

Champion Class: EXC 2 CQ BM 2 RES-CACIB (CACIB)


17th October 2015, Hämeenlinna Spaniel Special, judge Dinanda Mensink (NLD)

Champion Class: EXC